The Former Dustin Diamond a.k.a. Screech – Where Is He Now

Fans of ’80s and ’90s teen sitcoms have been both appalled and enthralled by the infamous Dustin Diamond video circulating on the internet. In the Dustin Diamond tape, the former teen actor all grown up, was shown cavorting with two hired escorts. But might you remember about your run-of-the- mill celebrity sex tape — rather, the Dustin Diamond tape seemed unbelievably graphic, crude, and even scatological.

Most fans, though, in order to remember the actor vendor Dustin Diamond video. Years before the Dustin Diamond tape, he was noted for playing television’s Screech, the annoying yet sometimes lovable nerd with a high-pitched voice on four different Saved By the Bell-related series. The character was iconic, though, that soon Dustin Diamond himself became synonymous with it.

Maybe that’s why he released the Dustin Diamond tape, to break off from that rep. The last Saved by the Bell series went off the air in 2000. So what has he been up to since then?

Well, besides the X-rated Dustin Diamond video, he’s remained in the entertainment industry. Often it’s been as himself or in cameo roles, including a family-friend Dustin Diamond video role in an American Pie spinoff movie. He’s also wrestled with Hulk Hogan, and starred on VH1’s Celebrity Fit Club, just a year after the Dustin Diamond tape looked like.

So why the fuss about the Dustin Diamond video? Many saw the Dustin Diamond tape as an easy way to cash in and look extra attention for a waning career. In fact, he himself produced and helped distribute the Dustin Diamond tape! Unfortunately, the Dustin Diamond video were much of a commercial success.

Beyond the infamy of the Dustin Diamond tape and reality TV, he’s continued to find new ways to learn from his recognition. The adult Dustin Diamond video might even be a plus to some fans who appreciate that he’s grown moving upward.

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