Platelet is a solution to this problem

Growth factors in a human body are natural. It is nothing but molecules which triggers the healing of tendons, bones and ligaments at different stages of a Platelet Rich plasma life. An inflammatory procedure comes up when some parts of the body gets injured. Platelet is a solution to this problem. The platelets help in the healing process of the damaged part of the body by releasing the factors of growth. The biological procedure of fighting infection, reducing inflammation and healing damage is called as platelet rich plasma.

PRP is a medical treatment discovered after so many scientific researches. In a human body, platelets are found in blood. It is considered as the main source for the growth factors. Scientists are using platelets as a remedial for different ailments. They have done lot of studies on the implementation of the platelets to make the patient free from injury.

Platelet rich plasma is in use since the year 1970. The medical research is still continuing on platelets in order to discover the healing applications for both tendon and bone injuries. Following are some of the growth factors used in the PRP procedure:
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