How to keep your house clean … even having a pet!

People who are not accustomed to having a dog right away notice the smell of a pet at home. Many people refuse to have a pet saying that they “stain a lot” or even there are cases of people returning pets after adopting them because their house smells like a dog.

However, these are just prejudices. With a little planning, having a pet and a clean house are made perfectly compatible. Really, it does not take much more effort than the one that they do to clean the house that do not have mascot. We tell you how you can keep your house clean by having a pet.

Tips to keep a house clean with a pet

It is easier than you think. If you want to eliminate the trace of pets at home and give them potty training, what you should do is:

Tissues are the key: to avoid accumulating many odors, choose tight fabrics for your home. Also, make them smooth and easy to wash or clean. So your carpets, sofas, blankets, etc. will be kept in the best possible conditions.

Stand up to fleas !: To prevent them, the best is boric acid: it is effective, does not stain or smell, and is not toxic to people or dogs.

Soils, easy to clean: smooth floors are easy to clean, resist frequent cleaning and do not show tread marks.

No laziness: your house will be much easier to clean if you are consistent and do not let smells and stains perpetuate.

Choose the right cleaning products: it is quite common to use ammonia to clean, but did you know that its acidity and smell are very similar to those in the urine? It is best to use neutral cleaners. In Internet and in specialized stores you can find specific products to treat the odors coming from pets.

Things to give special attention to

If you want to keep your house perfectly clean, there will be certain factors and certain areas of the house that require more effort or at least a special dedication. For example, when you are cleaning, thoroughly clean the areas where your pet usually goes by, or where he has his bed and his toys; Is where most time passes, therefore, it will be dirtier. These areas should be cleaned at least twice a week.

Make sure that your pet’s bed has a fabric that is easy to clean and that the fabric is grateful. On the other hand, if your dog changes hair, the best thing you can do to reduce the amount of hair that falls off is to comb it properly often. A good way to easily collect loose hairs are the adhesive rollers, or a damp sponge. So you can clean sofas, curtains, carpets, clothes … Everything you need.